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Mumbai Tuisunsuo 26/10/08 Vol 1 Issue 9


-Stephan C Hmar

Kum 1998 khan, hla ka phuok ve a,

“Lungdim taka ka dawn changin,

Ka hringnun hi iem a na?

Lungngaina ruoltha chau di’n maw,

Ka vanglai hun vul el hi,

Ngaituona hlim umlo;

Damlai hmelma hneban thei lo,

Mitthli le ditlai ang ka pawm zing che a tul si”, tiin.

An dikzie ka hriet tak tak hma’n, a hla’n muol a mi liem san dai a. Tulem hin chu a thluk khawm ka hriet ta nawh.Ani ngei! Chantawk khuonu tuorem hi a pawm thiem an tak a nih. Mitin hin harsatna le rinumna seitak inzawt ding ei nei seng a; ei tuor hi a rinum bik tak a ni ti ngam hielin harsatna puor ei do seng a. Mumbai a hriseltak le hrattak Tv. Lalthasang meu khawm a lung-a-awi bik chuong le! Inhril nikhuo-a chu mi nekin hrilding a hau lem a nih. Pu. Lalrothang khawm a hmangaitak Sari Chalngaizuol a hei nei thuoi a. Mothar nei chu hlim le lungawi inti luotin vanpui sirchim insawn a ta… Ka hriet sa vawng a nih. Mitthli hruhul thei khawpa hlimna an chuong nawh.

A khelneng-a-khawlnawnga hei sui lem chun mi danghai nekin ei vangduoi lem am a ni aw ti di’n a la hei um nawk nghal. Ei piengna ram pasiet leh a bel sa ding dingin chengrang le suolna’n ro a la hei rel hle nawk ta nghal. A tha zawng nekin thatnawna tieng ruol ei ban deu deuva. Ei pasiet taluo luotin, thenkhat a kum tling-le-tling lovin vairampur ei bel chawt chawt a. Genesis bung 21-a Abrahamin a suoknu Hagar le Isamael, tui-um le bei chau inchawitira, thlalera invai dinga a tir suok ang el kha ei ni tawl a nih. Chunnu kutthli le hmangaina khawm intem phak ta lovin, van a’nthawka hung tla thla ang hlawlin hmangaina ei invai ta chiem el chu a nih. Hieng anga hei inngaituo pha hin chu, a thlasietthlak hlak a, Lungdim taka ka dawn changin, Ka hringnun hi iem a na? ti naw ruol an ngai nawh.Sienkhawm, unauhai lungphangin beidawng ngai nawng ei tiu. Hagar le Isamael ta ding khawmin ei Pathienin hringna tuisunsuo thlaler incham lai an umtir el khah!!Vangnei hai hmu phaklo, ei ta dinga hnena thuruk hung puongtu hi ei Pathien a ni a. Chatuonin eini tieng a thang ding a nih. Hi hi thuruk hi vawn zing ei ta, ama hi bel hnai sawt sawt pei ei tiu. Khawvel a hin, a ieng ieng khawm ni inla, hausa in, pasie in annawleh vangneiin, vangduoi inla khawm, ei tawpna chu Pathien a ni tho tho ding a na. Chu lei chun, a khawlai hmuna khawm um inla, Pathien hi bel ei tiu. Ei tobul hi ek dur anga hmusitumin, dawntu umloin invai inla khawm, Pathien ei bel phawt chun hi rama hin mi inhnar le hlawtling ning ei tih.

The oldest Hmar youth in Mumbai-Irene Amo

-Irene Amo

It’s nearly a decade since I came to Mumbai, I entitle myself the above heading for, logically, I am older than any youth who’ve stayed here. Time past like the dust of the Sahara Desert, blowing away every second. I can still reminisce the first glance I had of Mumbai, it doesn’t differ much of the scene you and I saw- perhaps a little change!! It was garbage every where on the railway station with booming beggars and tracts filled with nature’s call, and the only difference I was writing about was that- I saw my mom and Anupui waiting for me. Though I’m a decade old, I see not much change in it. Now, Kalina, where most of our population settle now, had not much building like now. Air-India was filthy with slums piled up in every corner turned. There was a Sunder Nagar but not ‘sunder’, like how it is now. There were not much of us Hmars; it was just me and my family. I had no-one except my family with whom I could converse in our dialect; I nearly adopted English as my mother tongue. Every where I went, it was the only language I used for communication. Though my Hindi wasn’t bad, the accent was heavy, so I simply acted as though it was a foreign language for me. People were fooled by me instead of me ending up making a fool of myself. The other mean of communication was Marathi, which most of you have no idea about. I was compelled to learn it at school; I don’t know how I got through in my Board’s. It was completely God’s grace and a few credits to my tuition teacher of course, who too felt like exterminating the Government for making Marathi a compulsory, after teaching me. The joke here is, she was a Maharastrian. Trust me; I myself won’t let my grandchildren suffer like their grandmother. Moving on about my experience, Mumbai is still known as the city of dreams. Of course, we have our Bollywood (not exactly, but we see many known faces as supporting actors eh?) and other industries where we fulfill our dreams, some are accomplished while some aren’t. Being an old citizen, I haven’t yet decided whether mine are fulfilled or not. Mumbai is more than I ever dreamed of, dirtier, more population and pollution, cramped place. Truly more than my expectations right, but Mumbai is surprising. The unexpected takes place in this city. More than anything else, the most unexpected was, to actually encounter the Living God, here, in Mumbai, where God is least expected. It was my second year in the city; it was an awesome presence I felt. A feeling of peace in spite of the fears of beginning a new journey here. It was God who helped me through all these years of my life, Him who stood for me when I was a nobody in this city (I’m still nothing huge but I have some values now at least you know). And He is still there with me, in every step I take. When the city slept, my Heavenly Father didn’t slumber. I’ve grown old with this city and with God who was there for me from the beginning. He knew my loneliness and hence, brought all you people reading this article right now in Mumbai, so that I can adopt my mother tongue back as mine. With whom I can learn more about my cultures and display it in my life and college where it would have been such a hit! (I had no idea about that). I find myself pretty old to write a history about us Hmars in Mumbai. We were so few then, but now we all are scattered to shine like stars in the dark. We ‘Hmar children’ are called by God, to shine wherever we are for Him and in everything we do. And other least expected experience in Mumbai was the personality it built in me, another least expected was to see so many Hmars here. And to add my last point, one thing the city didn’t change about itself is the traffic and mode of transportation. I struggle a lot while traveling, you have to agree to that and everyone in my family did too. But God is there fighting seats with me every day. He’s just so wonderful, isn’t it? At the end of each day, I thank God for bringing me down to Mumbai where I draw closer to Him and learn about the meaning of life in this city. My training is still on....there are more expeditions waiting for me ahead in this exciting city. As I become older and older, it’s a pleasure to know that, ‘I’m the oldest youth in Mumbai hmar”.

(Irene Amo hih St Xavier’s College-a Class-XI (Arts) inchuklai mek anih.)


**Winter Sports Meet 2008 Agriculture College Football ground, Pune a huoihawt chu hlawtling takin,zani inringni tarik 25th October 2008 khan tumtiek anih.Mumbai a inthawkin mi 80 bawr velin,bus 2 le Scorpio pakhat in fe ania. Darshan Hall-ah,Pune Welfare-in zing-bu lo buotsai-in,zing-bu fa’k khop hin inkhel tan nghal anih.Hi taka hin inkhelna chi dang danga insukhlim anih.Pastor Siesangin tawngtaina-a hi Sports meet hih kharin,inpa’m le inngaihle-a tumtiek anih.

**Nk.Rakil Lalhrietpui,an miss-na ram Vashi hnaw’la nikhat lai el a,Kalina hung be’l chu tuta kar khan Oberoi Hotels(Churchgate)-ah sin thar a lo hmu tah.Chuong ang bawkin Zothansung(Zovi) khawmin Spanco ah sin thar a lo hmu bawk.MT chun a lawmpui hle el ba’ka,an sin thawna-a hlawtling pei dingin a ditsak hle bawk.

** Ei Volleyball star Tv Kaprosang,Dehradun-a inthawk meuva Pune hai le ei sports meet ding lei-a Mumbai la hung sir vak chu, kar thar khin tuithaphai tieng a mi lo liem san ding anih.A Volleyball inkhel thiem zie hlak kha ei sport ni khan a chieng hle el si,Mumbai mipui hai chun ei-in pam hle el.


@@.....a ieng ieng khom nisien la pathienni hin chu..MumbaiTuisunsuo hih suok phawt phawt sien la....

Pu Darzakhum Songate

@@..Kei chu maw tlangval zei deu naw hai chun mi try naw hai sien la thrang a ti....

Nk Rakil Lalhrietpui(Ex-Miss Vashi)

@@..Luz John hung raw hin..lo pawm ka ti che..bahara bovin.....

Tv Lalthasang

@@ Ei sports meet chu MHWA hminga Pune fe kan sawna,hlak chu PG outing ang tho anih.

Tv Carlos Lienlal(PG Warden,Boys Wing)

@@Ei lawm ani...B-Team hai-in hnena an changa....ei lawm ding ani top.Anachu volleyball kher kha chu.......

Pu Luoia

@@ Ground puitling-a ngei,Group-A le Group-B hai kha la’n khel in la ka nuom ngei...inchawi-a ngei ni sien la...

Pu Darzakhum Songate

@@Group-A hai khah kan hrat naw nasan chu...zani zan kan in naw bawk.....bus sunga ei in tum an leh..Lalthasang in ami kei har se’n bawk....

Tv Zohmingsang

@@..A pawi de aw...!!!Ka hrat ta bawk si nawh....Ball ka pet nuhnung tak kha pet dan ni lo,mi pet dan ding ana......

Pu Laltuosang(AFC Coach)

Winter Sports Meet 2008 Results



3.Football (Nuhmei):Winner-Mumbai,Score(1-0)

4.Football (Pasal-B):Winner-Mumbai,Score(1-0)

5.Football (Pasal-A):Winner-Pune,Score(1-0)

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Mumbai Tuisunsuo 19/10/08 Vol 1 Issue 8

H No.201, Sterling Apartments. Church Lane, Kalina, Santacruz(E), Mumbai-98 - Part-II

Darsiemlien Ruolngul

Mumbaiah fumfe taka IN hluo a, ka hang inbengbel ve hnung chun eini mi tu tuhai am an uma tiin ka hang ngaiven a. Delhia ka umlaia Mumbaia sinthawa lo um tah, David Lienzahau Sinate address le telephone Number zong dokin ka hang contact a. Ama khom nuhmei nei thar hlok, honeymoon an hmang zing lai vel hun kha a nih a, Annu Pi Sarah hi Air Hostess sin a la thaw lai a ni leiin hun awl hau naw hle sienlakhom zan khat chu inhmu tlangin Hotel changkang ve deuvah bu kan fak tlang a. A hnung tieng lem chu an in annawleh ka in tieng kan fak tlang deu zing hlak ta a.

Pu David Sinate ti lo eini mi dang an um ve naw am ani ka ti chu Pu Rattanlal Amo, ONGC ah officer lien pakhat a lo um ve zing ti ka hriet tah a. Pu Rattanlal Amo hai sung ( a nuhmei le an naunu Revika Amo) hai hi ONGC Colony hmun kilkhawr deuva um an ni leiin inpan a harsa kan ti ve ve ning a ta, phone-a inbiek khel chu thaw thei rak kan nei nawh a. Chu khelah ama Pu Amo hi Darngawn makpa ni silo, Thaibawi Association-a Vice President kai thei hiel khopa changkang a ni ve lei khan hang suok dok vel kha Home Minister-a inthokin permission hmu harsa a ti ve deu hlak khom ni mei a tih. ( ‘Darngawn ni silo Thaibawi Association-a Vice President kai thei’ ka ti hi a umzie hang hrilfie met inla. Darngawn makpahai po po hi chu thaibawi dinga ngai sa anni ang ngeiin ngairuotna (imaginary) in Thaibawi Association indin a nih a.Hi dungzui hin chu ei Welfare Chairman Pu Darzakhum Songate le Secretary Pu Stephen C. Hmar hai khom hi Vice Chairman of Thaibawi Association an ni ve ti na ni chu! Mumbai a hin Darngawn makpa dang an la um am aw?) Mumbaia ka hang um sawt deu hnung lem khan chu Pu Amo le hin kan inpawl thei ta khop el a, Ka ina a mi hung pan changin Hmar hla dam ka lo sak pui a, ama khom a khuo a sawt thei ve hlein ka hriet. Pu Amo hi tuhin chu ONGC ah Director (or above) rank a ni tah ka ring. Kum 2004 khan Delhia a hungin a mi hung phone a, kha bak kha chu kan inbiek zui ta nawh niin ka hriet. Mumbaiah an la um a ni chun anni sung hi Welfare fee dam dawl ve unla, eini lai inzel tir tum hram hram ro aw.

Hienga khawsawt tak le inrieng taka iemani chen kan um hnung hin Dr.Laldaikim, Defence Ministry hnuoia Civilian Medical Officer dinga UPSC in a thlang chu Mumbaiah posting hmuin a hung zom a, Hmar mi kan pung pei leiin kan lawm hle el. Quarter lien deu hluoin, 4th Pasta Lane, Colabaah a uma, keini rawi inpawl khawmna takin kan hmang hlak. Hun iemani chenDavid Sinate hai khom Goregaon-a inthokin Nestle House, Worli-ah an inson a, Kan inngai tawl vieu ning a tih, kan kar hla tawl vieu sienkhom week-end chu kan inhmukhawm deu zie hlaktho a nih.Tuta David Sinate haiin Quarter an hluo hi chu Mumbai ka suoksan hma deuva an hluo niin ka hriet.

Dr.Laldaikimin a hluo hmasak 1st floor-a mi khan historical importance a nei a nih ti kha ei hriet tawl am le?Kha flat kha Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, Pakistan hai thuoitu ropui khan partition of India hmaa a sawt tak lo hluo hlak a nih a. Pindan hrang hrang ka lut changing ‘hienga hin Z.A.Bhutto a thung/ a zal hlak ding a na’ tiin ka ngaituo hlak a, a kar leh kan va riek chang dam hin Bhutto thlahrang hung el a ta sien, ti dam ka ngaituoin, ka’n za deu huou chang a um hlak chu tie!

Ka in a khan bu kan fak tlang ngun bok a, Kolivery Village a Kelsa le Arsa zorna le Air India colony tieng hnaia Voksa dawr neituhai khan chu an mi hriet hne khop el. Khanglai hun a khan chu an dawra poisa mimala sung rawn pawl tak ka ni el awm de aw, ka ti hlak. Thil ho deu deu hang zepsa vak inla: (i)Khanglai khan Dr Kim hi mithienghlim, uisa fa ngailo, uisa chungchang ei hril khoma ngai nuom lo hlak kha a ni a. Voikhat chu Pune-a Bible student haiin UISA an mi hung thon kha inhnik deuvin ka suong a. Dr. Kim phone-in, Pune haiin Sakhi sa an mi hung thon ka suonga, hung fa rawh aw tiin ka fiela. Ama khoma ka fiel ang chun a hung a, inhnik ti takin kan fak a. Kan fak zo hnung khom chun ‘Sakhi sa chu a lo va’n hnik lawm lawm de’ a ti deu zing el a. A zingnawk chun ka phone-a, Zankhata ei hme, Sakhi sa tia ka hril che ku kha Uisa a nih aw! Kan hang ti a, A lungsen ka ring deu chu a lung a lo sen awzawng nawh a, ‘ei fak lai khom khan uisa a ni ka ring deu hrim a nih’ a hung ti a, kan innui liempui ta mei mei a. Chu hnung chun ‘Uisa ka suong’ tia phone-a ka hril zatin vai voi neka inrangin a hung tlung zie hlak an tah! (ii) Khang lai khan chu ka ina bu kan fak tlang pha chun voksa chartang le Ar pum but, a tuihang leh hme a, bu kan fak over hlak lei khan David Sinate hi an nu’n ka ina bufaa a hung kha a khap chie naw a chu a phal bek bek ngai nawh a, a hung ta laklaw si khan chu zanah inlawi ngam ta ngailo, a riek hi a tul deu zing hlak. Khang lai hun dam kha a lo inhoiin ngai a va um ta ngei de aw!

....Sunzawm pei ding....

(Pu Darsiemlien Ruolngul hih Govt of India,MHRD(University Division)aUnder Secretary sin chel lai mek anih.A sung hai leh tuhin Delhi-ah an khawsa)


**Prof Dr Vanlalnghak of Shillong, Tv Thankhum of Rengkai, Pu Enga Hmar of Jiribam le Tv Rothanglien Khawbung of Aizawl hai chu Maharastra-a ,Marathi-mi-ni-lo hai suknawmnatna le inzawma Seminar thang dingin inrinnizan tarik 17th Oct 2008 khan Mumbai an hung inzin. Thawtanni zingkar tarik 20th Oct,2008 hin Mumbai an liem san nawk nghal ding chanchin ei lo dawng.

**MumbaiTuisunsuo Editorial Board ni lai mek Tv John K Dulian,Swamy BBDO-a Brand Associate ni zing chuh Senior Brand Associate a hla’ng kai a lo ni tah.MumbaiTuisunsuo chun a lawmpui chau ni lovin a suong em em hle anih.Chanchin ei hriet zawm pei danin,zirtawpni zan tarik 17th Oct 2008 khan Big Village tieng lawmna siemin, an hlimin inhawi an ti tla’ng hle thu ei lo dawng.

**Rohmingmawi(Andheri) khawm tuta kar chuh Dengue leiin Durga Hostipal-ah enkawl anih.Chanchin ei dong danin,vawisun Hospital-a inthawk thattieng pan ta leia in suoktir nieng atih.Chuong ang bawkin,ei tlangval David Reuben Khawbung khawm Dengue-a ringhla a ni leiin,Durga Hospital-a enkawl mek anih.

**Pastor Siesang le Tv Zoliensang Zote hai Union Biblical Seminary-a(UBS)theology inchuk mek hai chu 1st Semester chawl hmang malamin,Hmar Christian Fellowship Mumbai an mi hung kan.Abiekin Pastor Siesang lem hih chuh ser-le sang thil-ah rawngbawlna a nei nghal ding anih.

** Mumbai tlangval hlun le tulai-a Baroda tieng mi lo sai san tah Tv Jessai Pudaite khawm a di hlui Mumbai,Pune hai le football in khel ding chu poimaw hle a ngai-in,tuta kar nilaini 15th Oct 2008 khan Mumbai a lo hung chuong kai ve.

**Pu Darthangluoi,Manager;Sinate’s Creation chu a business le inzawmin tuta kar thawtanni 13th Oct 2008 kha an thuomhnaw design hai suklan dingin Delhi-ah a hang inzin.


@@ ....tlangval threnkhat Mumbai an hunga..ei lawm hman vei ball pet hi chu..ka ngawk..ei beisei hai tak hlak hung leng hman lo hai....

Nk Esther Varte

@@ ....tlangval hai hih football pet pet ta naw ro..nghok in ke a na po le a hmet dingin in mi hung pana... hung hun le hun naw khawm hrie lo cheu...

Nk Hmangaizuol(Daw’te)

@@....kailash.. kailash inti inti-a..iem a nih ka tia....ka zuk hriet chu a lo va ho lawm lawm...

Nk Jenny Hrangneimawi(Beautiful)

@@ Tuisunsuo hih a hnar nei ka sawna...ka bachikhawm phun na-ah ka lo va sie an tlasam naw-a ding ka ti-a

Tv Carlos Lienlal(PG Warden,Boys Wing)

@@ ..Ka customer nu kuoma medium is large,large is medium ka zuk ti pek chuh a hriet thiem naw luot-in,a barakhai hle ie...

Nk Merina Zonuntlung(Powai Lanu)


Mani theina konga rong bawl dingin talen pekin ei um seng a, ei talen hmang dan le sukpung dan ruok chu inang naw nih. Chuonghai po po liengkoa a ruola innghat chu chanchin thra thè dar a nih. Misawnariin ei suok vong thei naw a, tirko le thuhriltu ei ni vong thei bok nawh. Amiruokchu, chuong po po inkop chu ni thei dan a um a, chu chu Baibul pek le sem dara rongbawl a nih.

Kum 2007 October khan Senvon-a Hmar Biel Thralaihai Inkhawmpuiah ka thrang ve a. Chu trum chun Baibul (Delhi Version) kawpi zakhat chuong, thrahnemngai le tlawmngai hai hung thawlawm chu kan sem a. A phek tontirah a petu hming le address kan ziek vong a, a dongtuhaiin an trongtrainaah hung hre zui dingin kan ngên bok a. Hi hmangaina thilpek hin sin a thaw nasa a, a hmaa Baibul tiem ngai lohai khomin tiem nuomna an nei pha el bakah an tiem leia piengtharna chang an pung pei ti tu chen hin thu kan dong sap pei a. Baibul thawlawmtuhai po po chungah Pathien hmingin lawmthu ka hril a, in lawmman chu vanah sie khawlin a um tah zing a nih ti ka hril bok cheu a nih.

October/November sung hin Hmar Biel-ah inzin nawk dingin Pathienin rem a mi ruotpek leiin, ka’n zin hmasaka ei lo tran tah, mani unauhai kuoma thilpek ropui inhlan kha sunzom thrain ka hriet a. Puo tienga ramthim ei invoi lai zingin eini sunga ramthim hi invoi zuol ngaiin kei chun ka hriet a. Ei chipuihai, mautam trâm le buoina hrang hrangin a tlakbuokhai hin sung ruol tak khom Baibul nei zo lo dam le a nei zohai khoma pakhat chauh intrawm an ni deu vong a nih. A dan ding taka chu, inring kêp thei a ni naw leiin puitling, lekha tiem thei chin chun mani Baibul ei nei seng ding a nih. A san chu ei hringna bu le ei ralthuom tak a ni lei a nih. Chun, mani tronga Baibul ei tiem hin ei hnam, ei sakhuo le ei trong a takin ei humhalin ei sukhmasawn pei a nih. Hi lekhabu huoisen tluka hnam damna le chawisangna intlun theitu lekhabu dang a um nawh.

Chuleiin, cheng zanga chauh senga ei unauhai kuomah fea sun le zana misawnari sin thaw nuomtu taphot chun in hming le address hung pe unla, in aiawin ka’n zin pha leh Baibul ka hung sem ding a nih. Cheng sangkhat thawtu chun misawnari pahni sin, singkhat thawtu chun sawmhni sin chawl loin a thaw thei a nih. Tuta ei dit chu a sum ni loin hming le address (hming ziek nuom dan) le thaw nuom zat a nih. Sum chu thla thum sunga pek thei a nih. Delhi puo tienga umhaiin sum an hung thon dan ding khom hung inhriettir ning an tih. Delhi-a um, sum pe nuom nghalhai chun Pu H.K.Kawllienthang amanih keima kuomah pek thei a nih.

Hi rongbawlnaa thrang nuom taphot chun ka e-mail keivom@rediffmail. com or l_keivom@yahoo. com, Phone 22757630, Mobile 9868213252 le H.K.Kawllienthang Mobile 9891232589/98993948 89 ah mi hung inhriettir dingin kan ngen cheu.

Ram le hnam le Kristaa inthrahnemngaipui

C-408 Purvasha
Mayur Vihar-1
Phone:22757630; MB 9868213252

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Mumbai Tuisunsuo 12/10/08 Vol 1 Issue 7

H No.201, Sterling Apartments. Church Lane, Kalina, Santacruz(E), Mumbai-98

Darsiemlien Ruolngul

Nikhat lai khan internet ka surfing ka naah Mumbaia ka um laia Mizo Directory ka hmu fuk hlau el a. Chu Directory-a chun ka hming le address chu hieng hin a’n ziek a: Pu Darsiamliana, H.No. 201, Sterling Apartments, Church Lane,Kalina Santacruz (E), Mumbai-98, tiin. Ka hang tiem zo chu ka lungril le ka ngaituona chu kum 1996 ah kir nawk in, Mumbai ka tlung hlim lai vel le in hluo ding zonga ka buoi nasat ziehai kha ka mitthlaah a hung inlang ruoi ruoia, ka khuo a suk sawt ngei el ie!

January 8, 1996 khan Protector of Emigrants sin chel dingin Mumbai ka lut ve a. Ka fe hmaa inthok khan Mumbaia In hluo man (house rent) a to el khelah deposit khom thahnem tawktak pek a ngai hlak thu an mi lo hril tah a, ka hophur lawk hrim kha a nih a. Mumbai Ka tlung hlim chun ka ruolpa vai pakhat leh Hotelah zan hni kan riek phot a, a zan thumna a inthokin MES Colony, Kalinaa Sipai family quarter-a common room chikte, in hluo ding kan zong sunga umna dingin thlakhata Rs. 3000/-pek dingin kan hluo ve a. Kan in neituhai kha an fel khop ela, zingkar breakfast an mi siempek a, sunah office ah lunch fain, zantieng bu chu 2-Star Hotel, Kalina ah ka fak hlak a.

Patling ve zet chuonga mi common rooma rieka khawsak zing el chu thil remchang bek bek a ni naw leiin a’n hma thei ang taka hluo thei ding IN ka zong tah a. Kan office kha public dealing office a ni lei khan office a mi hung pan, ka nel deu le ka ringzo deu taphothai kuomah in ka zong thu chu hrilin, mi zong pek ve dingin ka lo fiel tawl a. Nitin el hin ‘chulai, khalai chun in hluo ding a um’ an ti na tieng tieng ka tlan kuol a. Kan office hi Santacruz(W)-a um a ni leiin chutaka inthoka hla bek bek lo, Juhu, Andheri, Versova, Khar, Bandra, Kalina etc vel a chun zantieng office tin zatin kan vak hlak a. A tawp a tawp ah Mumbaia ruol ka man thar, Mr. Mustafa Punjabi’n a mi hmu pek, H.No.201, Sterling Apartment chu hluo dingin kan sukfel tah a. A hluoman khom thla khatah Rs.6500/-(Cheng sang ruk le za nga), deposit chu Rs.1.25,000( Cheng nuoi khat, singhni le sang nga) a nih. Deposit ding hi ka nei dai naw leiin ka ruolpa Mustafa Punjabi hin a mi deposit pek a, a hnungah muongchangin ka rul nawk a nih. ( hi ka in hluo hi ka suoksan tawm khan Rs 8500/-p.m. a ni hman)

Ka ruolpa Mustafa Punjabi le hin kan inhrietna la sawt naw hle sien khom kan inngainat dan hi inthuk tak a nih. A ma hi Recruiting Company-a Proprietor a ni a, Special magistrate khom a ni bok a, pa rawnkai, ruol le pai siem thiem le mi indik tak, pawl inhoi em em el hi a nih. Ama hi film personalities hming inlar tak takhai leh an inkop zing zing hlak leiin hrietngai le ruol khom a hauva, ama zar hin filmstar inlar ve tak tak khom iemanizat ka hmelhriet ve phah a. Voikhat lem chu kan sungin Film City ah mi thuoiin, khanglaia filmstar hming inglar ve tak tak iemanizat khom thla dam kan va lak pui a. Johny Lever, film comedian lem hi chu ka office-ah khom voi iemanizat a hung thuoi hlak a, kei khoma personal takin ka lo inhmelhriet pui ve nghe nghe a nih.

Ka in hluo ding hmu thar chu February 17, 1996 zantieng ka’n son lut a. Ka’n son zan hin ka ruolpa Mustafa hin ruol pahni hung thuoiin, parte (bouquet) leh an mi hung lawmpui a. Kan sangnu Nk.Dinpuii, Air India-a Air Hostess chun a ruolhai Air Hostess ve bok paruk lai hung thuoiin, sa le fak le dawn ding thil dang dang an hung chawi bok a, bufak tlangna dam neiin khawvar vangin ka in thar chu kan lawm a nih. Inhoi kan ti tlang tawl hle el.

Sterling Apartments-a ka um hlima inthokin kan apartment ground floor-a dawr (Quinny Store) neitu, Mr. Quinny le hin ruoltha in kan inman nghal a. Ama hin ka inthar sukthieng (purify) dingin Catholic Priest, Our Lady of Egypt Chapela thawklai a mi ko pek a. Ka in thar ka hluo zan hnina zantieng vel ah, Priest chu a thuom famkima inthuomin, thalai nunghak le tlangval 20 vel leh candle chawi sengin ka in chu an hung lut a. Priest chun tuiinphitna (water sprayer) hmangin tui thienghlim ( holy water) chun pindan kil tin chu thuinsam pumin a phu khum a, ramhuoi thlarau le thil thanaw umhai po po chu hnotdokin a sukthieng ta a nih. Ka lungril takin ka lawm hle. Chuonga ka in a sukthieng zo chun lawmthu hrilin, sum khom tlawmazawng ka pek ve a, kan lawm tlang seng niin ka hriet. A hnunga chen khom hi Priest le hin khawlaia kan inhmu chang khom kan in chibai zie ta hlak a nih.

………….Sunzom pei ding


Tarik 11th Oct 2008,Inringni khan ei Fellowship le Welfare thuoitu hai chun Pu Darthangluoi a in, Colaba-ah hmatieng pei-a eiin thuoi le in-enkawl dan ding riruong in,in hmukhawmna an nei.A zan tieng hin Pu Darthangluoi hai nupa’n thlaithleng an buot sei pek nghal.Ei hotuhai hmalakna zarin, in enkawldan le inthuoidan kawng-ah,dan-le dun ei nei vat eiin beisei hle.

## Pathienni hmasak tarik 5th Oct 2008 inkhawm trin khan,ei thuoitu Darzakhum Songate chun puithu fahran in,Lalnunthieng a PG thar hawngna hunser a nei.PG-a um hai kuoma infuina thatak ahril zovin Dr Kimi-in tawngtaina’n an hlan.Hi huna hin Pi Esther Songate, Dr.Kimi le an pa Darthangluoi an thang el baka,MumbaiTuisunsuo Editorial Board member hai khawm ditsak taka fiel an ni vena sukpuitlingin,zanbu fak chenin an zu uop ve.Chanchin ei dawng pei danin,fak le dawn an hnik el baka,Editorial Board Member a then lem chu lenglai an ni ang hrimin, zan lenghnawtsuo khuong chen deu thaw-a tlatlum an um ni in ei hriet.

## Tv.Lalthasang,Donald,Carlos Lienlal le an ruol thenkhat hai chun tarik 4th oct, 2008 khan Welfare Secretary Stephan C Hmar a in Powai-ah, a pa lo boral na thuah ralna thlaithleng an siem.

## Hun sawt tak el ei ni lai hung thang ve ta, ei biekin a hai thu hrilin le an hman dan pei-a bawng sung in hnik fahran a mi sung pek hlak Pu Lalhmunsang khawbung(Thalai lai chu Ruthi Pa ti-a hriet lar lem) chuh tarik 10th Oct,zirtawpni khan tuithaphai(ccpur) tieng a mi lo liem san tah.

##Chuong ang bawkin,Nk Lilypui chuongchen Mumbai hung-in zina,eini lai hung thang ve chuh tuithaphai tieng zirtawpni 10th Oct khan a lo liem tah.Train station-a van thla tu khawm an um nawk ni-in chanchin ei lo dawng.Punjabi chawl le Powai val thenkhat chu an khuo a sawt deu ruoi ding a hawi ngei!

## Ei tlangval John Sanate,nikhat lai-a damnawna lei-a,Durga Hospital a enkawl zing chu,thattieng pan peiin,tarik 7th Oct 2008,thawleni khan damfel ta-in PG Warden Lalnunthieng in a lo lawm lut nawk tah.

##David Sinate,EXIM Bank a General Manager ni lai mek chuh, hung tlung ding October thla tawp hin Conference-a thang dingin Sydney,Australia pan a tih.

## JamesThanglien,ei hriet thei dan dingin Carlos Lienlal a sang pa chu,inringzan 11th Oct khan Mumbai-hai ami lo hung zawm ve tah.Thiemna le hrietna tieng dangchar na lei-a mel za tam hungin zin ani leiin,nakie khawhnung-ah a ziekfung in hrat taka ro a la rel ding hih MumbaiTuisunsuo chun beisei taka a thlir el bak-a, a ditsak hle bawk anih.

## Tarik 9th Oct, 2008 Ningani khan Welfare chun Directory Committee indinin hotupa Darzakhum Songate inah umni khamin,sunnitla zakin ei Directory ding an buoipui.Ei Directory ding hih November 2008 hma ngei a zo hman tum anih.Zantieng hin Darza le a sung haiin thlaithleng an buotsai pek nghala,member hai khawp le tlai takin an hrai tawl

## Winter Sports Meet 2008,ei unau Pune hai le ei nei ding le in zawm hin tulai ei football player thiem le zei tak tak hai chuh BKC ground ah nasatakin an in siengsa mup mup.Ei hotuhai hieng U Darza,U Luoia hai khawm an hungin khel ve el chau ni lovin player hai an hung uop mawi ve zing bawk


## Inkhawm ei trin char hin chu Jaocb Shakum laka inthawk in ka’n bie hmang tawp el anih..MumbaiTuisunsuo Rs 10/- in a mi hnaw’k ding ka hrieta..chun naw’m..... inkhawm trin char hin ka fe nghal hlak na san chu....
Nk Linda Singthangpui(Zankalmawite)

## Mumbai hih a boruok an hawi chau ni ngei khawm hih ei ngei anih.....veng tienga inthawka hung sa’r rak lo hai khawm hang um sawt’r le ngo vur in ka hmu tawl chu tie....
Pu Lalramthang Amo

## Nunghak triple hlui kan ta aw....mi sawisak mei mei ta naw ro......
Nk Elizabeth Khawbung

## Pathienni inkhawma hung khawm hih a chang chu a hlawk nawh ka ti nuom vang el anih..kalman tam leh.....Inkhawm trina ka ring ka hang da’kfan khawm hin...Kalina lai bu fa-a mi ko tum hlak um ngai lo...
Nk Chawngrosing(Ex-Miss Parbung)

## (..Ring..Ring..)..Hello...bhai iem i thaw..i buoi..? ruol pa’n a dit che a..ieng tinam i ngai leh..?.vawisun ka inah a khat chauva um ding anih..kei tu hin sin-ah ka fe ding........(call a suktawp..)

## ...ka hrang a sie ti thrak naw ro....ei hrang a sie naw chun khawm ku hih a fai thei le...
Nk Alice Malsawmkim

##...nuhmei ei zuk nek dek dek ei ti pet an hung rawt-a.....mi hnung-ah thi-pu-hakin ka tlan phak tawk anih....
Pu Lalrothang(Just Married)

## ..kan sin thawna hih a hming an thleng nguna,Directory buoipuitu hai chawk buoi hle sien hawi le a that lemna chu fai kawng-ah 5 star hotel-a thawk haiin mi tluk lo ding hai-a...(trin ding zat-in an in sil tir zie..)
Nk Chingngeizual Varte(Zuolte)

## ...pathienni khan kan khawm tum vei leh...ka veng suok lei-a ka IC ka’ng...lan siem thra hman lo.....inkhawm ta nek nek-in...ek-in a ka hun po po ka hmang zo deu thaw anih..
Nk JudyBrown Huolngo

## ... U Sepa a chairman sung chuh hungin khawm kan tum le..nakie thawlawm dawl dingin mi ko nawk nghal a ta...
Nk Lisa Lalrosiem(PG Model) & Nemzahat(PG Amitabh)

Monday, October 6, 2008

Mumbai Tuisunsuo 05/10/08 Vol 1 Issue 6


(Hung ro, Mumbaiah zu’n suk hausa’ng eitih. Vawi bo in am a bo lem ding?)

Darzakhum Songate

Kum 1848 A.D. le 1855 A.D. inkaar khan California Gold Rush (rangkachak zawng insiek murmur) hi ah um a. An tran nasan chu kum 1848, January thla khan James Marshall anti, pa pakhat hin Sutter’s Mill (Country Hla mawitak khawm an phuok pha kha) hmunah rankachak tlevar el a hmu lei anih. Hi hun tawite sung hin mihriem, pa , nu le nau tamtak , nuoi thum vela hisap hai in sakawr tawlailir le meikhu lawng chi te te hmang in khawvel ram hmuntina inthawk in California ah rangkachak zawngin an thlan lut. Mi tamtak an hlawtlinga, tamtak chu hlawsam in an sum seeng zat khawm hmukir lo in an chavei.

Hi ei tarlang zawk nasan chu tulai North East tieng, a bikin, Manipur mi ei ram khawsak harsatna leiin tamtak India tlangtieng ram- Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore – ei pan sup sup le inzawma thil ei hril nuom lei anih. Eini mi a tamtak ei umna Manipur khi ei thlir chun a sie em em a, tuta hung ding kum sawm khawm khin thilmak ropuitak ah tlung naw chun thrat tieng a pan ei ring nawh. Chu lai zing in khawpuia fak le dawn zawng an hawi lem ti hi ei mi hai khin ei hriet pei bawk. Saktieng ram fena ding thra a um sinaw chun tlangtieng ram hi ei pan pei ring a um, kum iemani chen bek chu. Mumbai a eni mi a um khawm hi hisap nekin ei pung pei.

Hilaia thil pawimaw ei tarlang nuom tak chu ,veng, khuo le tui maksana bawngnene le khuoizu luongna ram niawmtak, Mumbai ei pan hin, Gold Rush hunlaia a hlawsam pawl ei ninaw nadinga thil tlawmte ei hril nuom lei anih. Mumbai hung hai hi mani vanglai, nunghak /tlangval kum sawm pasari le sawmthum inkar ni deu phuor ei tih. Hi kum inkar lai hi mihriem hring dana chu ei hrat lai aniel baka ei damsungni dinga thil ei siekhawl hun anih. Thlaksam le kutruoka ei kir nawna dingin a hnuoia thil thlawmte hi ei hriet ve dinga ka hung tarlang nuom ve anih.

1. Mumbai hung hma hin khawpuia hin ieng sin am a fe deu, kei ka thiem chi ieng am um ataa, mi dit ang talent le thiemna ka nei am ti hi in en phawt a thra. Khawpui pan ah, uimawl ramsuok ang mei meia hun, tha le sum hmangral a awl.

2. Khawpui tlung hin sinruok hai hi en chet cheta , baw thut el lo in ka thiemna le sawt a sei kan hnikna zawng le hun sawttak ka thrang nuomna chi sin ani tihai cho kha thaw tak taka hmu tum ding anih. Lung inhluma changpan a kawp ngainaw ti angina, sin thrang mei meia inhnik lo le insawn kuol nasa taluo hin eini ah hin hlutna a min pung ngainaw. Hlaw tlawm deu sien khawm inchawm kuol vet nek hin chu det deuva hmunkhata um khan lukhawng a nei nuom bik rieu.

3. Nikhat bu nghei khawm hi mihriem ta dingin thil harsa ani leiin ei fak hmuu na ei sin thaw hai hi a pawimaw pakhtnaa ngai hlak ding anih. Emergency thil a um tilo chun ei sinthawna hi maksan el ding an nawh. Mani sinthawna ursuntaka thaw kha hotu hai ngainatna hlaw baka hun hung pei dinga eita dinga thil thra intluntu ani lem.

4. Sap thuvarin :"sum inkhawl chu sum lam anih” atia. Harsataka ei hlaw sun sun hai hi teplo el in hmang ralnaw mei nih. Inkhawl lungril hi ei nei a ngai anih. Sawmapakhat le income-tax pek hnung hin hmang ding a tlawm nuom vieu. Ei nei sun hi inkhawl trawk trawk ding anih. Sap thuvar bawkin : “I zakuo chu a puon deitawk in thrui rawh” atia. Nei baka khawsak ding hi eini nawh. Mumbai a chu thawrak inla khawm ei phak theilo ding mi antam. Ei nei huntawk anga khawsak thiem tum ei tiu.

5. A hma ah ei hril vuot ang khan, hilaia hung haihi vanglaini ah hung tawl eini. Hmar putar pakhat in ami hril dan chun, mihriem hi kum 45 eini in ei khawsa theinaw chun khawsak antak ta hlak a tia. Ei hunthrat lai hilai ei hmang chun hilai ei umsung ei tar tieng ding chen iengtinam ka khawsak ding tihi ngaituo hlak ei tiu.

6. Khawvel hi thiemna tieng ansang hrat em em leiin, ei thawkna ,annawleh ami veltu boruok hi enkara, na vera , mitmenga midang hai thawdan fak le dawn zawngna tienga ka hnawt phak ve am ti in mani in dawn ran hlak ei tiu.

7. Mumbai ah hin thil theilo ti ding rak a um nawh. Iengkhawm neilo a hung lut vaihai khawm crorepati an nih thei thlat. Chuleiin, thil ei phaknaw a ngai ding iengkhawm a um chuong nawh. Taima tak le diilsut taka thaw chun burip takin ei la indin suok ngei ei ring.

Khiengnaw khawm khi hriet ding tam hle’ng atih. Hitaka ei hril nuom tawite chu fak le dawn zawngnaa ei bahrakhai taluo nawna ding thil tlawmte ei hung ziek ani. Kutbentheka kir hi ei tum naw reng reng ding anih.


Ei tulai khawvel thlirin harsatna le buoina dang dangin ami hnawchep zinga. Chuong lai kara ei damna ding le ei fak ding zawngin buoi rak rakin eiin zie nuoi nuoi zing bawk. A chang lem chu ei ruolhai lampuia ei hmu khawmin be dukdak hman lova ei liemsan el chang bo lo. Hieng hih ei fak zawng dan le ei hun hmang dan chu a lo ni ta reng el chuh ani hih. Sienkhawm Pathien tawngse phur, bur le hling kara fak zawng ding ei nit lat el sia, a buoithlak thei ngei.

Amiruokchuh ieng ang povin lo buoi hlak inla khawm ei fena ding le ei sinthawna hih ringum tlat hlak ding chu alo nih. Mihriem a ringuma, nundan mawi a ohursuok zing chuh, tu theida khawm a hlaw ngai naw a, chu nek hman chun ditsakna parthi’n a lo nghak zing lem hlak anih. Chu el chau ni lovin khawlai leng le tuol suok chang khawmin nun dan mawi hi a pawimawna a la tam anih. Abiktakin khawpui a lem chu ringnawtu hai le kawr le vai kara khawsa ei ni leiin inchei dan khawm fiemkhur a tul hle bawk anih. Mitin inchei ei nuom senga,amiruokchu mi mitkham zawng le mani insung le inphu lo raka inthuom dam hi thil mawi a ni ngai nawh. Hi el baka hin mawilo taka thaw ding tul um mang lova kawtthler hrut deu vut vut khawm hih thilmawi ani ngai nawh

Hieng lai zing hin iengtiklai khawma ei theinghil ngai lo ding le ei thaw fan fan hlak ding chu tlawmngaina hih anih. Ieng ang po buoi hlak de inla khawm a tulna le a huna hung invir dawk chang hin chu tlawmngaina eiin suo rawp hlak ding anih. Ei nuom thu nilovin a tulna’an a mi nawr suok el lem ding anih. Chuong sa khawma ei lan thung det mut zing ani chun, ei chung pik hleng a tih. Nikhat laia ei unau Delhi hai thil tuok khah ei hmabak a la ni ve el thei a nih. Inzil le invau hi tukhawm a nuom um naw mani a, a ziltu ni khawm nuom um biek kher naw nih. Sienkhawm ei zir tlat naw chun ei la thaw makmaw la ni ngei a tih.


## ## Nk Elizabeth Khawbung (Ruthi Khawbung a phirpuinu) khawm hun sawttak Shillong a hang chamhmang hnungin Mumbai alo hung tlung nawk tah. Ama hi NEHU hnuoia Graduate zo thar hlawk ani a, khawtlang thil a khawm trangkaina tamtak nei dingin ei beisei. Chanchin dawng danin ama hi ruol pathumin, hilaia khawsak inhawi lemna ngaituoin an hung zui.

## Chuong ang vang chun MT Ed Board Member Tv Marc Lalrohlan a unaupa Tv Lalringsan Thiek khawm tulna leiin hun tawite cham dingin Ningani zantieng khan Mumbai alo hung tlung ve tah.

## Vawisun Editorial board member le naupang Sunday Sikula lecturer ni bawk Pu Lalthakhum (Buonga) hun sawttak anthawka alo inpucha ta C.P.O Examination,2008 UPSC huoihawtna hnuoia vawisun hin Exam a pek. MT chun hlawtlingna thratak dawng dingin ditsak hle.

## Ei PG warden Lalnunthieng chun Mumbai-a bu a khurdet tum hle ti thu mi ringumtak a inthawkin ei lo dawng. Thawtanni zan khan a puon in zauin, Pu Paukhawmawi a umna hlui chen a puonin alo zar tah.

## Nk Hunlawmum Varte, Royal Caribbean Cruise, Florida(USA) sinthaw-a hun sawttak a zu thanghmang hnungin chawl hmangin kar hmasak khan Mumbai a hung vung lut nawk tah. A first contract hmangzo theia a um leiin chawlni khan Pathien kuoma lawmthu hrilna’n ei refreshment ami tum pek. Zirtawpni zingkar khan insung trulna leiin vengtieng amilo vuong tung san nawk tah.

## Nk Judy Brown khawm Tuithaphai tieng chawl hmanga fe, hmarbiel chen khawm zu tlung chu tuva kar bul khan mumbai hung tlung nawk tah. Hmarbiel le Tuithaphai report ngainuom hai chun pan thei zing a nih. Chu el chu ni lovin vangnei pal chun veng tieng hme khawm a boruok i zirin in tieng a hawnna chance a um.


## Ana...pathienni inkhawm tin chu tlangval ami hung leng ding an um ka ring vei leh, ball pet-a an mi fesan vawnga...ka lung a awi naw tawp.
Nk Rakil Lalhrietpui (Ex Miss Vashi)

##...Editor hai, in hung leng zana ka thlalak kha Baroda lo intlung tir thrak naw ro uo....... Tlangval threnkhat a chalkisa lo um pal an ti aw...?
Nk Lisa Lalrosiem (PG Model)

## Sepa......Pathienni zantieng khan inti Captain deuin I ruolhai ball pet dingin I thuoi khawm vela, hlak chu I kirsan dai tawla....
Nk Vanlalchami (Love Guru)

## Tulai chuh Andheri tieng biekin in khawm attendance a tla hnuoia,kei khawm kan khawm thafanna a tla hnuoi dawr,...
Tv Hrangdangliien (AIR Colony)

## Hmel tha nuom le nal nuom hai chun suna,ba’k anga in char char a nel....(Sleeping Beauty)
Nk Jenny Hrangneimawi (Beautiful)