Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mumbai Tuisunsuo 26/10/08 Vol 1 Issue 9


-Stephan C Hmar

Kum 1998 khan, hla ka phuok ve a,

“Lungdim taka ka dawn changin,

Ka hringnun hi iem a na?

Lungngaina ruoltha chau di’n maw,

Ka vanglai hun vul el hi,

Ngaituona hlim umlo;

Damlai hmelma hneban thei lo,

Mitthli le ditlai ang ka pawm zing che a tul si”, tiin.

An dikzie ka hriet tak tak hma’n, a hla’n muol a mi liem san dai a. Tulem hin chu a thluk khawm ka hriet ta nawh.Ani ngei! Chantawk khuonu tuorem hi a pawm thiem an tak a nih. Mitin hin harsatna le rinumna seitak inzawt ding ei nei seng a; ei tuor hi a rinum bik tak a ni ti ngam hielin harsatna puor ei do seng a. Mumbai a hriseltak le hrattak Tv. Lalthasang meu khawm a lung-a-awi bik chuong le! Inhril nikhuo-a chu mi nekin hrilding a hau lem a nih. Pu. Lalrothang khawm a hmangaitak Sari Chalngaizuol a hei nei thuoi a. Mothar nei chu hlim le lungawi inti luotin vanpui sirchim insawn a ta… Ka hriet sa vawng a nih. Mitthli hruhul thei khawpa hlimna an chuong nawh.

A khelneng-a-khawlnawnga hei sui lem chun mi danghai nekin ei vangduoi lem am a ni aw ti di’n a la hei um nawk nghal. Ei piengna ram pasiet leh a bel sa ding dingin chengrang le suolna’n ro a la hei rel hle nawk ta nghal. A tha zawng nekin thatnawna tieng ruol ei ban deu deuva. Ei pasiet taluo luotin, thenkhat a kum tling-le-tling lovin vairampur ei bel chawt chawt a. Genesis bung 21-a Abrahamin a suoknu Hagar le Isamael, tui-um le bei chau inchawitira, thlalera invai dinga a tir suok ang el kha ei ni tawl a nih. Chunnu kutthli le hmangaina khawm intem phak ta lovin, van a’nthawka hung tla thla ang hlawlin hmangaina ei invai ta chiem el chu a nih. Hieng anga hei inngaituo pha hin chu, a thlasietthlak hlak a, Lungdim taka ka dawn changin, Ka hringnun hi iem a na? ti naw ruol an ngai nawh.Sienkhawm, unauhai lungphangin beidawng ngai nawng ei tiu. Hagar le Isamael ta ding khawmin ei Pathienin hringna tuisunsuo thlaler incham lai an umtir el khah!!Vangnei hai hmu phaklo, ei ta dinga hnena thuruk hung puongtu hi ei Pathien a ni a. Chatuonin eini tieng a thang ding a nih. Hi hi thuruk hi vawn zing ei ta, ama hi bel hnai sawt sawt pei ei tiu. Khawvel a hin, a ieng ieng khawm ni inla, hausa in, pasie in annawleh vangneiin, vangduoi inla khawm, ei tawpna chu Pathien a ni tho tho ding a na. Chu lei chun, a khawlai hmuna khawm um inla, Pathien hi bel ei tiu. Ei tobul hi ek dur anga hmusitumin, dawntu umloin invai inla khawm, Pathien ei bel phawt chun hi rama hin mi inhnar le hlawtling ning ei tih.

The oldest Hmar youth in Mumbai-Irene Amo

-Irene Amo

It’s nearly a decade since I came to Mumbai, I entitle myself the above heading for, logically, I am older than any youth who’ve stayed here. Time past like the dust of the Sahara Desert, blowing away every second. I can still reminisce the first glance I had of Mumbai, it doesn’t differ much of the scene you and I saw- perhaps a little change!! It was garbage every where on the railway station with booming beggars and tracts filled with nature’s call, and the only difference I was writing about was that- I saw my mom and Anupui waiting for me. Though I’m a decade old, I see not much change in it. Now, Kalina, where most of our population settle now, had not much building like now. Air-India was filthy with slums piled up in every corner turned. There was a Sunder Nagar but not ‘sunder’, like how it is now. There were not much of us Hmars; it was just me and my family. I had no-one except my family with whom I could converse in our dialect; I nearly adopted English as my mother tongue. Every where I went, it was the only language I used for communication. Though my Hindi wasn’t bad, the accent was heavy, so I simply acted as though it was a foreign language for me. People were fooled by me instead of me ending up making a fool of myself. The other mean of communication was Marathi, which most of you have no idea about. I was compelled to learn it at school; I don’t know how I got through in my Board’s. It was completely God’s grace and a few credits to my tuition teacher of course, who too felt like exterminating the Government for making Marathi a compulsory, after teaching me. The joke here is, she was a Maharastrian. Trust me; I myself won’t let my grandchildren suffer like their grandmother. Moving on about my experience, Mumbai is still known as the city of dreams. Of course, we have our Bollywood (not exactly, but we see many known faces as supporting actors eh?) and other industries where we fulfill our dreams, some are accomplished while some aren’t. Being an old citizen, I haven’t yet decided whether mine are fulfilled or not. Mumbai is more than I ever dreamed of, dirtier, more population and pollution, cramped place. Truly more than my expectations right, but Mumbai is surprising. The unexpected takes place in this city. More than anything else, the most unexpected was, to actually encounter the Living God, here, in Mumbai, where God is least expected. It was my second year in the city; it was an awesome presence I felt. A feeling of peace in spite of the fears of beginning a new journey here. It was God who helped me through all these years of my life, Him who stood for me when I was a nobody in this city (I’m still nothing huge but I have some values now at least you know). And He is still there with me, in every step I take. When the city slept, my Heavenly Father didn’t slumber. I’ve grown old with this city and with God who was there for me from the beginning. He knew my loneliness and hence, brought all you people reading this article right now in Mumbai, so that I can adopt my mother tongue back as mine. With whom I can learn more about my cultures and display it in my life and college where it would have been such a hit! (I had no idea about that). I find myself pretty old to write a history about us Hmars in Mumbai. We were so few then, but now we all are scattered to shine like stars in the dark. We ‘Hmar children’ are called by God, to shine wherever we are for Him and in everything we do. And other least expected experience in Mumbai was the personality it built in me, another least expected was to see so many Hmars here. And to add my last point, one thing the city didn’t change about itself is the traffic and mode of transportation. I struggle a lot while traveling, you have to agree to that and everyone in my family did too. But God is there fighting seats with me every day. He’s just so wonderful, isn’t it? At the end of each day, I thank God for bringing me down to Mumbai where I draw closer to Him and learn about the meaning of life in this city. My training is still on....there are more expeditions waiting for me ahead in this exciting city. As I become older and older, it’s a pleasure to know that, ‘I’m the oldest youth in Mumbai hmar”.

(Irene Amo hih St Xavier’s College-a Class-XI (Arts) inchuklai mek anih.)


**Winter Sports Meet 2008 Agriculture College Football ground, Pune a huoihawt chu hlawtling takin,zani inringni tarik 25th October 2008 khan tumtiek anih.Mumbai a inthawkin mi 80 bawr velin,bus 2 le Scorpio pakhat in fe ania. Darshan Hall-ah,Pune Welfare-in zing-bu lo buotsai-in,zing-bu fa’k khop hin inkhel tan nghal anih.Hi taka hin inkhelna chi dang danga insukhlim anih.Pastor Siesangin tawngtaina-a hi Sports meet hih kharin,inpa’m le inngaihle-a tumtiek anih.

**Nk.Rakil Lalhrietpui,an miss-na ram Vashi hnaw’la nikhat lai el a,Kalina hung be’l chu tuta kar khan Oberoi Hotels(Churchgate)-ah sin thar a lo hmu tah.Chuong ang bawkin Zothansung(Zovi) khawmin Spanco ah sin thar a lo hmu bawk.MT chun a lawmpui hle el ba’ka,an sin thawna-a hlawtling pei dingin a ditsak hle bawk.

** Ei Volleyball star Tv Kaprosang,Dehradun-a inthawk meuva Pune hai le ei sports meet ding lei-a Mumbai la hung sir vak chu, kar thar khin tuithaphai tieng a mi lo liem san ding anih.A Volleyball inkhel thiem zie hlak kha ei sport ni khan a chieng hle el si,Mumbai mipui hai chun ei-in pam hle el.


@@.....a ieng ieng khom nisien la pathienni hin chu..MumbaiTuisunsuo hih suok phawt phawt sien la....

Pu Darzakhum Songate

@@..Kei chu maw tlangval zei deu naw hai chun mi try naw hai sien la thrang a ti....

Nk Rakil Lalhrietpui(Ex-Miss Vashi)

@@..Luz John hung raw hin..lo pawm ka ti che..bahara bovin.....

Tv Lalthasang

@@ Ei sports meet chu MHWA hminga Pune fe kan sawna,hlak chu PG outing ang tho anih.

Tv Carlos Lienlal(PG Warden,Boys Wing)

@@Ei lawm ani...B-Team hai-in hnena an changa....ei lawm ding ani top.Anachu volleyball kher kha chu.......

Pu Luoia

@@ Ground puitling-a ngei,Group-A le Group-B hai kha la’n khel in la ka nuom ngei...inchawi-a ngei ni sien la...

Pu Darzakhum Songate

@@Group-A hai khah kan hrat naw nasan chu...zani zan kan in naw bawk.....bus sunga ei in tum an leh..Lalthasang in ami kei har se’n bawk....

Tv Zohmingsang

@@..A pawi de aw...!!!Ka hrat ta bawk si nawh....Ball ka pet nuhnung tak kha pet dan ni lo,mi pet dan ding ana......

Pu Laltuosang(AFC Coach)

Winter Sports Meet 2008 Results



3.Football (Nuhmei):Winner-Mumbai,Score(1-0)

4.Football (Pasal-B):Winner-Mumbai,Score(1-0)

5.Football (Pasal-A):Winner-Pune,Score(1-0)


  1. Irene Amo ziek hih a tiem anhoia chu Hmar tawng ka theinghil vang a ti si, saptawng in a ziek si..chun 'oldest youth' ti chun thil dang khom a kawk theia. Hmar tawngin hang ziek sienla chu in blog hih 100% Hmar trong ani ding ana. keep it up

  2. mihriem ei sei lien na in ang no sien khawm.khawlai hmuna um in la khawm, mani trawng chu thei nghil tum no mei neui.

  3. Vairama Hmar family um tamtak chu an nauhai in Hmar trawng an hriet ta naw. Poi khop el.
    Chun hi blog enkawltupa hin Irene Amo ziek hi Hmar trawngin inlet sienla, chun, post cho sienla chu blog hi 100% Hmar trawng a ni ding a na. ngaituo rawh